Playlist di maggio


Live from Radio Rock 24 maggio start at 18.09 Prince Faster on air.

louis prima – angelina zooma zooma

fat boy slim – right here…

ac/dc – thunderstruck

placebo – the bitter end

frank marino – johnny be good

sparta – taking back control

chicago – i’m a man

modern english – i melt with you

souvenir’s youg america – vanishing

magyar posse – whirpool of terror and tension

corvus corax – o fortune

gregory e the hawks – wild west

kate havnevik – i don’t know you

emancipator – vines

archive – come on get high

unkle – eye for an eye

the gary potter quartet – minor blues

Live from Radio Rock 20 maggio start at 18.14

Prince Faster on air.

placebo – julien

roky erickson – goodbye sweet dreams

pelican – strong up from the skky

billy bragg – shirley

microfilm – state a island

bob dylan – blowing in the wind

slash ozzy – crucify the dead

black sabbath – paranoid

red sparowes – in illusion of orser

crippled black phoenix – rise un and fight

maserati – show me the season

the seven miles journey – january 4th

talk talk – ascension day

dream teather – wither

god is an astronauts – in the distance fading

archive – collapse collide

the avalanches – frontier psychiatrist

emancipator – jet stream

eddie vedder – guaranteed

Live from Radio Rock 11 maggio start at 18.12

Prince Faster on air.

monty norman orchestra – james bond theme

chumbawamba – tubthumping

u.f.o. – lupin 3rd

no fx – kill all the white man

tool – eulogy

35007 – powertruth

ozric tentacles – afroclonk

tito e tarantula – after dark

massive attack – angel

dead can dance – summoning of the muse

the roots – you got me

hooverphonic – club montepulciano

craig armstrong – this love

wim mertens – struggle for pleasure

smoke city – underwater love

portishead – glory box

nene cherry – 7 seconds

roky erickson – goodbye sweet dream

robert wyatt – alliance

Live from Radio Rock 10 maggio start at 18.08

Prince Faster on air.

dropkick murphys – bar room hero

gogol bordello – pala tute

flogging molly – may the living be dead

legendary shack shakers – dump road yodel

the pogues – whiskey in the devil

bullet from my valentine – the last fight

genesis – in the cage

the seven miles journey – january 4th

roky erickson – goodbye sweet drreams

gary moore – further on up the road

jeff beck – led boots

god is an astronauts – grace descending

r&r legends – medley live

bb king – how blue can you get

bb king clapton j. vaughan guy – rock me baby

t turner knofler clapton collins – medley live

ac dc – skies on fire

Live from Radio Rock 6 (forse) maggio start at 18.10

Prince Faster on air.

prodigy – thunder

rotersand – exterminate annihlate

accessory – i saw i go

in strict confidence  – engeltaub

braiclaw – desperate measure

rammstein – du hast

johnny cash – hurt

rasa il pratino

primus – tommy the cat

serj tankian – lie lie lies

jeff buckley – mojo pin

radiohead – the national anthem

steve wonder – live medley + master blaster

ray charles – georgia

unkle – follow the down

john coltrane – blue train

ursula rucker – letter to a sister friend

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Live from Radio Rock 3 maggio start at 18.12

Prince Faster on air.

andrew sisters – sing sing sing

riverside – parasomnia

Frank Zappa – eat the questions

roky erickson – burn the flame

pearl jam – untought known

jonsi – go do

stretch – why did you do it

editors – papillon

new order – hey now what you doing

cypress hill – armada latina

C.S.N. – suite: judy blue eyes

gorillaz – melancholy hill

archive – whore

sting e clapton – it’s probably me

emancipator – jet street

john mclaughlin the voice


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