Tom Morello il video di Highway To Hell con Bruce Springsteen e Eddie Vedder

om Morello il nuovo video
Tom Morello il nuovo video

Tom Morello ha annunciato la pubblicazione del nuovo disco, “The Atlas Underground Firesarà un album di cover; il chitarrista dei Rage Against the Machine ha recentemente postato sul suo canale youtube il brano degli AC/DC Highway To Hell con special guest Bruce Springsteen e Eddie Vedder.

“Our version of ‘Highway To Hell’ pays homage to AC/DC but with Bruce Springsteen and Eddie Vedder, brings this legendary song into the future,” stated Morello in a press release. “One of the greatest rock ’n’ roll songs of all time sung by two of the greatest rock ’n’ roll singers of all time. And then I drop a shredding guitar solo. Thank you and good night.”

Tra le tante guest, Tom Morello ha chiamato anche: Chris Stapleton, Mike Posner, Damian Marley, Bring Me the Horizon, Dennis Lyxzén dei Refused.

Il disco uscirà il 15 ottobre 2021.

Complessivamente i tre non ne escono benissimo, diciamo che manca proprio la grinta che il brano ha nella sua origine.

Tom Morello – Highway To Hell

“During lockdown I had no access to an engineer so I had to record all of the guitar parts on the voice memo of my phone,” said Morello of the creative process for the new album.  “This seemed like an outrageous idea but it led to a freedom in creativity in that I could not overthink any of the guitar parts and just had to trust my instincts.”

Tom Morello – The Atlas Underground Fire – Track List.

01. Harlem Hellfighter
02. Highway to Hell (feat. Bruce Springsteen e Eddie Vedder)
03. Let’s Get The Party Started (feat. Bring Me The Horizon)
04. Driving to Texas (feat. Phantogram)
05 The War Inside (feat. Chris Stapleton)
06. Hold The Line (feat. nipote)
07. Naraka (feat. Mike Posner)
08. The Achilles List (feat. Damian Marley)
09. Night Witch (feat. phem)
10 . Charmed I’m Sure (feat. Protohype)
11. Save Our Souls (feat. Dennis Lyxzén of Refused)
12. On The Shore Of Eternity (feat. Sama’ Abdulhadi)