Il disco di Peter Gabriel “Up”, fa parte e chiude la trilogia “two-letter, single-syllable”, preceduto da “Us” del 1992, e “So” del 1986. Peter Gabriel pubblica il video di No Way Out che è un brano che compare su “Up”.

‘Up’ venne registrato negli studi della Real World, ma anche in Senegal, Francia e, come scrive Peter Gabriel, ‘on a boat on the Amazon‘ su una barca in Amazzonia.

Racconta Peter Gabriel:

“I also want to try and take stuff in because often when you make a record you’re spewing stuff out but unless you’ve had enough input how can you expect [what’s coming out] to be interesting or have any new things to reflect on or comment on?

I think that process is a slow process for me and if I go into the studio we’ve got 130 song ideas, not all finished songs, that we were working on and so I would go from one thing to another and then to another and I wasn’t really focused on a small group of songs”

Il disco di Peter Gabriel è come al solito un album straordinario, ma ritengo che Signal To Noise abbia davvero qualcosa di magico, speciale, sicuramente la voce meravigliosa di Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Scrive Peter Gabriel in merito:

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was one of the most extraordinary singers of our time and it was very sad for us to lose him and I was very lucky that he worked on this track before he died. It was just such a powerful thing that I was really keen to finish it and make it a centre piece for the record.  It was a much starker track that he sang to but I wanted to try it in this string version and I think in a way it is almost filmic.

I think they are going to be using the instrumental of this in ‘Gangs of New York’ now but I’m happy with that because it always seemed a large visual song. Working with the strings at the end was a slow process and I spent a week working through it with

Will Gregory, who has been doing the Goldfrapp material with Alison, and but is another local Bath person and very talented and it’s the dirtiest I’ve got my hands in the actual string arrangements and that was very satisfying in terms of generating some melodic and harmonic things that were quite clashing in places and then hear them all put together, so that was the other thrill for me on that track.”

Oltre ai suoi soliti amici e musicisti quali: David Rhodes, Manu Katché e Tony Levin, compaiono anche, Peter Green, Daniel Lanois, the Black Dyke Band, Danny Thompson, Blind Boys of Alabama, la figlia di Peter, Melanie e il grande Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Purtroppo il video di “No Way Out ” è in bassa qualità, ma è fantastico vedere suonare ‘No Way Out’, da tutti i musicisti negli studi della Real World.

Track List UP:

  • Darkness
  • Growing Up
  • Sky Blue
  • No Way Out
  • I Grieve
  • The Drop
  • The Barry Williams Show
  • My Head Sounds Like That
  • More Than This
  • Signal To Noise