God is an Astronaut il nuovo album Ghost Tapes #10


Gli irlandesi God is an Astronaut si apprestano a far uscire il nuovo album “Ghost Tapes #10”.

Ghost Tapes #10 sarà il decimo album del “trio” di Wicklow; a dispetto del titolo che farebbe pensare ad un disco di outtake o di Side B/inediti ecc…il disco è in tutto e per tutto un vero e proprio nuovo lavoro, al momento è possibile ascoltare solo una traccia del disco che uscirà il 12 febbraio 2021.

I circa sei minuti di “Burial” sono un fantastico viaggio verso territori cari ai God Is An Astronaut dei fratelli Kinsella, Jamie Dean al piano attribuisce a “Burial” un tocco quasi mistico.

L’album uscirà il 12 febbraio 2021 in tutti i formati; va detto che una delle due versioni vinile “limited edition” è già andata sold out in pre order.

Ascolta “Burial”

God is an Astronaut – Ghost Tapes #10 tracklist

  1. Adrift
  2. Burial
  3. In Flux
  4. Spectres
  5. Fade
  6. Barren Trees
  7. Luminous Waves

Discografia essenziale

2002 – The End of the Beginning
2005 – All Is Violent, All Is Bright
2007 – Far from Refuge
2008 – God Is an Astronaut
2010 – Age of the Fifth Sun
2013 – Origins
2015 – Helios / Erebus
2018 – Epitaph

Ghost Tapes #10 rekindles the band’s classic line up with Jamie Dean once again on piano and guitar duties, and rather than pick up where the quartet left off in 2018, explores a radically different approach, with the focus fixed on movement and intensity. While the album is certainly the most ferocious GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT full-length to date, it still retains all of the rich musical and emotive elements the band is known for by maneuvering around luminescence whilst offering harsh, deep reflections as well. Works of art like “Burial”, “In Flux” or “Barren Trees”, with additional guitars by Jimmy Scanlan, amongst others, are proof of these sonic illustrations. The album closer, atmospheric “Luminous Waves”, transports the listener into a trance-like mindset – captivating them with a meditative, deep connection to their inner self and as they drift away to stirring tunes of guest cello virtuoso Jo Quail