Roger Waters 2017 Déjà Vu è uscito il secondo brano

Roger Waters - Déjà Vu 2017
Roger Waters - Déjà Vu 2017 youtube

A distanza di pochi giorni dalla pubblicazione di “Smell the Roses” Roger Waters pubblica “Deja Vu” un secondo brano estratto da “Is This The Life We Really Want?”.

Se nel primo brano tutto rimandava ai vecchi dischi dei Floyd, in Déjà Vu invece, emerge qualcosa di nuovo o quanto meno di diverso dallo stereotipato e didascalico mondo floydiano; chiaro è che lo stile è quello, i Pink Floyd fondamentalmente erano “lui”, però si capisce un po meglio quanto affermavo, e cioè che essendo un album concept, analizzare un brano a se stante e scollato dal tutto, diviene solo uno sterile esercizio di stile che poco ci piace.

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Roger Waters Déjà Vu – Video


Album Tracklist

01. When We Were Young
02. Deja Vu
03. The Last Refugee
04. Picture That
05. Broken Bones
06. Is This The Life We Really Want?
07. Bird In A Gale
08. The Most Beautiful Girl
09. Smell The Roses
10. Wait For Her
11. Oceans Apart
12. Part Of Me Died

Roger Waters – data di uscita

Is This The Life We Really Want? uscirà il 2 giungo 2017

Line up

Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) – vocals, acoustic guitar, bass guitar
Nigel Godrich – keyboards, guitar, sound collages, arrangements
Gus Seyffert – guitar, keyboards, bass guitar
Jonathon Wilson – guitar, keyboards
Roger Manning – keyboards
Lee Padroni – keyboards
Joey Waronker – drums
Jessica Wolfe – vocals
Holly Proctor – vocals
Lucius – vocals


If I had been God
I would have rearranged the veins in the face to make them more resistant to alcohol and less prone to ageing
If I had been God
I would have sired many sons and I would not have suffered the Romans to kill even one of them
If I had been God
With my staff and my rod
If I had been given the nod
I believe I could have done a better job

If I were a drone
Patrolling foreign skies
With my electronic eyes for guidance
And the element of surprise
I would be afraid to find someone home
Maybe a woman at a stove
Baking bread, making rice, or just boiling down some bones
If I were a drone

The temple’s in ruins
The bankers get fat
The buffalo’s gone
And the mountain top’s flat
The trout in the streams are all hermaphrodites
You lean to the left but you walk to the right

And it feels like déjà vu
The sun goes down and I’m still missing you
Counting the cost of love that got lost
And under my Gulf Stream, in circular balls
There’s ninety-nine cents worth of drunkards and fools