Playlist di Febbraio 2015


Le playlist di febbraio

La playlist del 16 febbraio 2015 RCA
Stranglers – peaches
Azar Swan – And blow us a kiss
Aqualung – Eggshells
Tears for fears – Head over Heels/Broken
Donovan – Atlantis
Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers
Claymation – Man without country
Jasmine Sullivan – Dumb
The World is a beautiful place & I am no longer afraid to die – Blank 8
The Neal Molse Band – AgendA
Into the Myst – The day they die
Ibey Ibey – faithful
Jim Croce – I got the name
The Coral – Wrapped in blue
John Coltrane – Blue Train
Aretha Franklin – Rolling in the deep
Bjork – Lion song
Tesa – G
Bahama Soul Club – Tiki Suite


Playlist del 19 febbraio 2015 Rock Am 103.3 fm

winwood & gary moore – evil love

steven wilson – lord of the reedy river

donovan – atlantis

calexico – cumbia de donde

dan mangan  – vessel

fugees – no woman no cry

a. franklin – rolling in the deep

sister mercy – upside down iside out

mr bungle – carousel

ibeyi – river

quintet silsila – silsisla

litfiba – onda araba

new disorder – a senseless tragedy

sufi – vivisezione

yugo in incognito – cosce

verdena – rilievo

il corso delle cose – cristologia

agnese valle – il dente

trombe rosse – attacco alla terra

tribraco – blue glue


Playlist del 10 febbraio Progressivamente Rock Am 103.3 fm

Philm – Lion’s Pit
Bo Hansson – Big City
Jupiter VI – Running
Centipede – Septober Energy pt.4
King Crimson – The Letters
Jethro Tull – My God
Faust – Pic Nic On A Frozen River
Weather Report – Cucumber Slumber
Guru Guru – Electric Junk
Maserati – Martin Rev
EF – Delusion of Grandeur
Alphataurus – Dopo L’Uragano
Area – Gioia e Rivoluzione

Playlist del 6 febbraio RCA 88.9 fm

Wovenhand – Long Horn
Orenda Fink – Blue Dream
Clutter – The Obsidian Dream
El Dee – Moon Eyes
Girls in Hawaii – Misses
John McLaughlin -Jaco Pastorius -Tony Williams – Dark Prince
Pixelord – I don’t need this
FKA Twigs – Video Girl
James Blake – Life Round here
Disappears – Interpretation
Deaf Whale – Of men and madness
Hart Bonssa – I love you more than you’ll ever know
Marsheaux – Inhale
Chiara Izzi – Il Pescatore
Weather Report- Birdland
Archive – End od our days
Stomb – Rise from nothing
Feist – Mushaboom


Playlist del 5 febbraio Rock Am 103.3

Antony and the Johnson – My lady story
Genesis – Carpet Crawlers
Passenger feat Elena Etone and Brian Campeau – Month of sunday
Youth Lagoon – Mute
Bahama Soul Club – Moaners
Rokketti – woolli bully
These new puritans – fragment two
And One – Wasted
Oomph! – Sandman
Sigur Ròs – Isjaki
Bjork – Lion Song
Talib Kweli – Before he walked
Van Morrison – No thing
Shaolin temple defenders – Kung fu fighting
Giuliano Palma – Come le viole
Diodato – Amore che vieni amore che vai