Yellow Days il ragazzino del Surrey

yellow-days Your Hand Holding Mine

Ha solo 17 anni Yellow Days, ed è già un ottimo musicista, qui lo troviamo alle prese con un brano che ci ha spiazzato in quanto a dinamica, arrangiamento essenziale, ed una carica blues che sorprende.

In realtà si chiama George Van De Broek, e quì racconta il suo mondo e il mondo dell’amore, Your Hand Holding Mine.


“Your Hand Holding Mine” is a song about that first love ending and how you used to tell each other you’d stay together till you’re old and grey but it hasn’t worked out like that and you’re now dealing with the fact you always thought it would be their hand holding yours, but it isn’t going to be. And yeah when I was around 14 I found that first love and the tune is like an account of me dealing with that odd feeling.