Playlist Luglio/ Agosto, 2010


track list del 30 agosto 2010 start 18.12 radio rock – prince faster

killing joke – invocation

front 242 – funkadafi

editors – papillon

led zeppelin – black dog

buddy guy – midnight train

gov’t mule – time to confess

ramones – baby i love you

lynyrd skynyrd – simple man

motorhead – killed by death

angel and airwaves – valkyrie missile

blood sweet and tears – i love you more than you’ll ever know

unkle – reign

bjork – venus as a boy

habanot nechama – ever

track list del 26 agostoo 2010

start 18.14

radio rock prince faster

god is an astronauts – far from refugee

radiohead – the national anthem

rome – sword to rust hearts to dust

infected mushroom

rammstein – haifish

30 second to mars – close to the eagle

angel and airwais – start at machine

jonsi – aimal arithmetic

mineral – a letter

bruce springsteen – london calling

the clash – london calling

sting – every little this she does….

police – every little this she does….

billy bragg shirley

gizelle smith – working woman

zero 7 – home

johnny cash – personal jesus

depeche mode – lie to me

sigur ros – olsen olsen

track list del 23 agosto 2010

start 18.11

radio rock prince faster

brian setzer – rumble in brighton

ratm – bombtrack

serj tankian – sky is over

primus – dvm

jazzsteppa – america b

sikth – summer rain

maserati – join us mystic sister

eric clapton – old love

robert wyatt . a last strow

handsome boy modeling school – are you down with me

john wetton – starless/book of saturday

ozric tentacles –  yumyum tree

nine horses – serotonine

earth wind e fire – boogie wonderland

k.c. e the sunshine band – i’m your boogie man

ponty, di meola, clarke – change of fire

pierre morlen’s leave it open

track list del 27 luglio 2010

start 18.16

radio rock prince faster

niacin – king kong

muse – invincible

senior coconut – smoke on the water

deep purple – smoke on the water

acdc – shoot  to thrill

area – gioia e rivoluzione

lacrimas profundere – filthy notes

ozric tentacles – oolong oolong

otis redding – satisfaction

canned heat – going up the country

fleetwood mac – the sun is shining

jethro tull – a song for jeffrey

love – 7 and 7 is

herman’s hermits – wonderful world

stooges – 1969

allman brothers band – trouble no more

amboy dukes – baby please don’t go

touch . we feel free

united state of america – hard coming love

high tide – futilist’s lament

eddie vedder – guaranteed

modern jazz quartet – mean to me

track list del 26 luglio 2010

start 18.12

radio rock prince faster

narsilion – desperta ferro

coldplay – lovers in japan

absentee – boy, did she teach you nothing

white lies – to lose my life

fujia e miyagi – knickerbocker

valkyrie missile – start the machine

stereophonics – innocent

rhapsody – power of the dragon flame

placebo – battle for the sun

pat metheny – first circle

les discret – l’ecappee

casiopea – good luck

ben harper – fly one time

uzeb – new hit

pj harvey – the dancer

unkle – another night out

groove armada – warsaw

john coltrane – impression

track list del 19 luglio 2010

start 18.13

radio rock prince faster

suicide – ghost rider

oomph! – gott ist ein popstar

squeeze – cool for cats

o children – malo

martha e the muffin – echo beach

i blame coco – self machine

david crosby – almost cum my hair

Siouxsie and the Banshees – israel

fat boy slim – push the tempo

ozric tentacles – nakurn

clogs – on the edge

angel and  airwaves – valkyrie missile

real mckenzies -will ye nae come back again

panic! at the disco – the only difference between martyrdom

jazzsteppa – american B

boards of canada – oscar see through red eyes

eric clapton – layla live ( jazz version)

paul anka – eye of the tiger

track list del 15 luglio 2010

Radio Rock – Prince Faster – start at 18.14

big boi – general patton

bukara sum systema – beep

blur – song 2 (live)

muse – mk ultra

queen – somebody to love (live)

radiohead – the national anthem (live)

beatles – medley (live)

rolling stones – sympathy for the devil (live)

megadeath – symphony for destruction (live)

pantera – walk (live)

hiromi uehara – xyz (live)

dave wekl chic corea – duet (live)

o children – heels

ozric tentacles – yumyum tree

nine horses – the day  the earth stole heaven

mick karn – sculpture

japan vision of china

tinavie – about

touch e go – straight to number one

skie – belive

maserati – show me the season

[youtube width=”300″ height=”250″][/youtube]

anche se in ritardo ecco quella di

martedi 13

ore 18.12 prince faster.

zombie girl – blood brian R&R

divine comedy – at the disco

vampire week end – holiday

editors – eat raw meat

four tet – sing

angel e airwaves – valkyrie missile

junius – elan vital

gizelle smith – working woman

gov’t mule – time to confess

anita tijoux – crisis de MC

fujiya e miyagi  – knickerbocker

mineral – Aletter

qotsa – in my head

bloomfield kooper stills – really

john mayall – steppin out

aretha franklin – good to me as i am

byrds – eight mile high

eddie vedder – guaranteed

Giovedi 8 Luglio 2010
Radio Rock Prince Faster
start at 18.10

mike patton – senza fine
planet x – alien hip hop
ten bears – dirt on the road
anita tjioux – 1977
popular workshop – her birthday
maserati – join us mystic sister
mineral – Aletter
evpatoria report – ccs log b
panic at the disco – time to dance
pelican – strung up from the sky
nine horses – serotonin
escape the fate – we won’t back down
tortoise – stretch
gary moore – still got the blues
this mortal coil – song to siren
rome – swords to rust – heart to dust

track list del 7 luglio 2010

start 18.11

radio rock prince faster

track list del 5 luglio 2010

steve wonder – master blaster

jordan rudess – dance on a vulcano

the clash – london calling

morphine – honey white

serj tankian – bordeks are

van morrison – astral week

billy bragg – greetings to the new brunette

radiohead – the national anthem

rammstein – b****

grossstadtgefluster –

starsailor – tell me it’s not over

pink floyd – careful with that axe, Eugene

dave kelbie – hungaria

django reinhardt – ol’ man river

big band pastorius – cha cha

buddy rich – so what?

start 18.14

radio rock prince faster

primus – southbound pachiderm

the clash – safe european home

sikth – as  the  earthspins around

meshuggah – lethargica

pure reason revolution – deus ex machina

kammerflimmer kollektief – both eyes tight shout

ton ton macoute – don’t make me cry

rome – to die among  strangers

return to forever – the magician

dream theater – instrumedley