Gli Swans annunciano il nuovo Album “To Be Kind”. Ascolta.


The Seer oramai appartiene alla recente storia musicale, un grandissimo album c’è da ammetterlo.


Il 13 di maggio uscirà “To Be Kind” sarà una visione musicale di alcuni dipinti del producer e fondatore della storica etichetta Slash Record di Los Angeles, Bob Biggs che pubblicò tra gli altri album di Germs, Faith No More, Green On Red, Gun Club e molti altri.

La line up sarà formata da: Norman Westberg, Christoph Hahn, Phil Puleo, Thor Harris, and Christopher Pravdica. special guest St. Vincent.

Il CD sarà un doppio, poi ci sarà una versione De Luxe con DVD ed uscirà anche in triplo vinile, il disco conterrà oltre due ore di musica, che Dio lo benedica.

Michael Gira scrive:

I first met Bob Biggs in Los Angeles in 1976/77, through friends in the so-called punk scene there. He was a conceptual artist, but like everyone else with a brain, he was enthralled with the sudden and concussive events endemic to the rise of the beautifully scabrous punk explosion at the time. He was “outside” of it (as was I, in retrospect), but also in it, and had a sardonic view of it simultaneously. I distinctly remember him arriving at the infamous (genesis site of LA Punk) Masque Club, with a Semi Truck bearing a a fully grown, mucous-dripping cow, and leading it down a ramp into the club, where it ambled about, shat, and was then led out. I’m not certain what this was supposed to actually mean, but it was a delightful event, nevertheless.

Later, I was at the house of a friend (and a friend of Bob’s), and I noticed an unfathomable image on the wall. It was a pastel of one of the baby images we are now using as the art for the new Swans album. An uncanny visual cipher, and it stuck with me, all these years… I look at Bob’s baby images as something like the Mona Lisa—utterly inscrutable, but ACHING to reach up to the surface. Or like one of Jasper Johns’ flag paintings—I just can’t figure them out, but they keep calling me back.

I recall asking Bob in 1981 or so if I could use one of those baby images for a record, and he said, definitively, NO.

But those images have remained in the back of my head since then, always nagging. It seems they’re always calling me, calling, calling…

I’m delighted that these images, finally with Bob’s consent, can now act as innocent, but implacable sentinels for the music of Swans, after all these years.

.. God Bless Bob Biggs…