Prince Faster Podcast del 15 settembre 2016


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Il podcast della diretta del 15 settembre con Alessandro Omone Corigliano

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Colosso – To purify
Pineapple thief – In Exile
Omar Rodrigues Lopez – Voluntad de los ciegos
Tina Turner – Whole lotta love
Roger Waters – Amuse to death
Tonton Macoute – Just like stone
Niacin – King Kong
Area – Luglio agosto settembre nero
Guns of Seneca – All kinds of Exaustion
The Veils – House of Spirits
The Staat – Blues is dead
Placebo – Pure morning
RATM – Bullet in the Head
Foy Vance – Noam Choomsky is a soft revolution
Wovenhand – Go ye light
Anohni – I don’t love you anymore