Playlist di Novembre


prince faster radio rock 29 novembre 2010 18.11-20.50

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santana/cornell – whole lotta love

led zeppelin – whole lotta love

metallica – one

slipknot – wait and bleed

disturbed – down with the sickness

danzig – stalker song

at the drive in – sleepwalk capsules

wire – mannequin

america – a horse with no name

neil young – helpless

eagles – dodlin dalton

C.S.N.Y – almost cut my hair

roger waters – perfect sense pt.1-2- the bravery of being out rage

tonton macoute – don’t make me cry

passenger – the one you love

yann tirsen – ashes

james brown – woman

oversees – supermoves

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prince faster radio rock 25 novembre 2010


angelic upstarts – 2 million voices

exploited – sid vicious was innocent

discharge – state violece state control

The Clash – i fought the law

husker du – broken home broken heart

junior murvin – police e thieves

james brown – public enemy

bebe – malo

touch e go – would you

bob dylan – billy

eddie vedder – rise

yann tirsen – ashes

arcade fire – no cars go

diva destruction – valley of scars

clan of xymox – home sweet home

jaco pastorius big band – havona

return to forever – duet of the jetser

bud powell – ornithology

art blakey – moanin’

chet baker – my funny valentine

Charlie Parker – night and day

Miles Davis – pinocchio

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prince faster radio rock 23 novembre 2010


r.a.t.m. – blind live

body count – cop killer

nirvana – school

zombie girl – jesus was a zombie

clan of xymox stranger

e nomine – mitternacht

maserati – they’ll no more seffer from hunger

magazine – shoot by boot sides

pete wingfield – witha bullet

yann tirsen – ashes

camel – lady fantasy

genesis – carpet crawler

indigo sun – you don’t fool me

touch and go – straight to number one

natalia clavier – azul

j. brown – king heroin

arthur crudup – that’s all right mama

the bahamas soul club – king of cool

thee silver mt. zion memorial orchestra – thats all right

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prince faster radio rock 22 novembre 2010


Diretta con Maurizio Donato su economia globale.

genitallica – borracho

stretch – why did you do

james brown – woman

lewis taylor c. anderson – 18 with a bullet

calexico – black heart

fat boy slim – apache

and one – goodbye germany

clan of xymox – emily

ordo rosarius equilibrio – mercury rising

maserati – pyramid of the sun

yann tirsen – palestine

helmerson/minnenan – yodas dance

anthony e the johnsons – my lady story

lynyrd skynyrd – simple man

q.o.t.s.a. – tangled up in plaid

unkle – reign

roberta gambarini – estate

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prince faster radio rock 17 novembre 2010


nas + d. marley – tribal war

aswad – back to africa

dawn penn – you don’t love me

rotersand – waiting to be born

digitalism – zdarlinght

rammstein – ich tu dir weh

god is an astronaut – age of fifth sun

antony e the johnsons  bjork – fletta

twin shadow castle in the snown

tran siberian orchestra – mozart and memories

maserati – show me the season

ozric tentacles – magic valley

jeff beck – joss stone – i put a spell on you

paul anka -black hole sun

nine horses – money for all

tito puente – take five

kenny wayne sheppard – somehow somewhere somweday

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prince faster radio rock 15 novembre 2010


2th south carolina string band – oh susanna

the stranglers – no more heroes

sleepytime gorilla museum – the donkey…

infected mushroom  & j. davis- smashing the opponent

solitary experiment – immortal

zola jesus – tower

hawkwind – assassins of allah

wheater report – freezing fire

allan holdsworth – how deep in the ocean

russel/erickson/ parker – love you to much

Jimi Hendrix – one rainy wish

webber/cobb/ goodman – turning your love away

Frank Zappa – cruisin’ for burgers

the dubliners – whiskey in the jar

deodato – super strut

castro/nitro/russell – you know i love ya

Led Zeppelin – kashmir

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prince faster radio rock 11 novembre 2010


mills brothers – tiger rag

genitallica – borracho

sleepy la beef – milk cow blues

scouting for girls keep on walking

michael franti – everybody move

s.tankian – disowned inc.

mushroomhead – come on

blindfood – falleg depuro – hurt

korn – oildate

the roos – the seed

dream theater – as j am

van morrison – moondance

buddy guy – midnight train

sigur ros – hoppipolla

clogs – we where here

bliss -trust in your love

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prince faster radio rock 10 novembre 2010


faderhead – dirtygrrrls dirtyboys

esibrecher – eiszeit

letze instanz – die eine

infected mushroom – sa’eed

ozric tentacles – stretchy

the tangent – lost in london

bobby hebb – sunny

high tide – futilist’s lament

spirit – apples orchard

greateful dead – china cat sunflower

eire apparent – yes, i need someone

the shadows – apache

the animals – house of the rising sun

the yardbirds – for your love

the beatles – let it be

gorge martin orchestra – she loves you

the brogues – i ain’t no miracle worker

the miracle – you’ve really got a hold on me

righteous brothers – unchained melody

steve wonder – fingertips

muddy waters bloomfield butterfield spann – mean disposition

amboy dukes – baby please don’t go

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prince faster radio rock 9 novembre 2010


jesus and mary chain – just like honey

p.i.l. – low life

oceansize – super imposer

anathema – hindsight

deadhorse – exiles

staffraenn hakon – val kilmer

magyar posse – whirpool of terror and tension

tides from nebula – tragedy of joseph merrick

u2 – out of control live

pearl jam – daughter live

korn – another brick in the wall

santana cornell – whole lotta love

jethro tull – baker street muse

emilie simon – come as you are

slow club – when i go

amy winehouse – wake up alone

massive attack – angel

pati yang – aooh

portishead – western eyes

zero 7 – the space between

[youtube width=”300″ height=”250″][/youtube]

prince faster radio rock 8 novembre 2010


korn/cure – make me bad/in between days

grinderman – heathen child

vampire week end – holyday

ashbury heights -medicine

faderhead – escape from the machine

combichrist – get out of my head

and one – steine sine steine

anathema – a simple mistake

utopia – bad

utopia – criminal underworld

machine head – now i lay thee down

killing joke – majestic

clinic – i’m aware

Frank Zappa – watermelon in easter hay

talk talk – ascension day

gizelle smith – working woman

zombi – cosmos

anita tijoux – humanidad

david sylvian – wanderlust

[youtube width=”300″ height=”250″][/youtube]

prince faster radio rock 3 novembre 2010


pixies – monkey gone to heaven

jane’s addiction – jane says

tool – ticks and leeches

sparta – talking back control

king crimson – i talk to the wind

crippled black phoenix – burt reynolds

little richard – lucille

waterboys – this is the sea

babybird – you’re gorgeous

beatiful – white rabbit

grossstadgefluster – ich muss gar nix

steel pulse – blues dance raid

allan holdsworth – live in london 1977

crimson jazz trio – starless

soul bop band – rattle trap


  1. Sapreste dirmi il titolo della canzone andata in onda mercoledì 3 novembre alle ore 20:57?


  2. grazie per la splendida programmazione di ieri Prince specialmente l’ora finale !

    Purtroppo ho dovuto spengere la radio alle 20.40 e leggo ora che ci hai buttato dentro persino Muddy Waters con Mike Bloomfield (mio personale numero 4 nella classifica dei miei chitarristi preferiti ) che selezione!!!

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