Playlist di Giugno 2011


prince faster giovedi 30  giugno.


dream theater – metropolis live orchestra

aghora – dime

polkadot cadaver – blood sucker

triple ripple – yodas dance

dave matthews band – all along the watchtower

chingon – cascabel

grace slick – manhole

jefferson airplane – somebody to love

depeche mode – useless

cult – rain

cure – play for today live

evanescence – tourniquett

pearl jam – animal

who – pinball wizard

jimi hendrix – purple haze live


ozric tentacles – half light inthillai

circadian eyes – and we carved out names into the trees

mars volta – televators

smashing pumpkin – tonight tonoght

stefano disegni – la vita in campagna

il circo di paolo rossi – voglio vivere in giamaica

latte e derivati – il ballo dell’estate

prince faster mercoledi 29  giugno.


gino paoli – sapore di sale

lewis taylor carleene anderson – 18 with a bullet

celia cruz – guantanamera

stretch – why did you it

beasty boys – don’t play no game that i can’t win

dream theater – on the backs of angel

baroness – the birthing

korn – get up

killing joke – invocation

prodigy – smack my bitch up

klf – what time is love

kamchatka – pathetic

led zeppelin – since i’ve been loving you

e. vedder – sleepless night

bill callahan – drover

circadian eyes – reaching hands

james blake – limit to  your love

low – nightingale

gnaw their tongues – les anges fremissent davant la mort

diagnose: lebensgefahr – mani versus apati

al stewart – years of the cat

passenger – month of sunday

[youtube width=”400″ height=”300″][/youtube]

prince faster martedi 28  giugno.


(apocrifo) – violin

corvus corax – fortuna

new order – crystal

d. bowie – lady stardust

rem – day sleepers

depeche mode – personal jesus

eva cassidy – bridge over trouble water

regina spector – no surprises

joni mitchell – the dry cleaner from des moines

blind guardian – barbara ann

primus – tommy the cat

michael harris – prosthetic brian

leprous – he will kill again

unexpect – orange vigilantes

fratellis – chelsea dagger live

soundgarden – black hole sun live

neal morse – it’s for you+crossing over

s.r.vaughan – life witheout you

hiromi uehara – voice johnette j. scofield l.goldings – spectrum

[youtube width=”400″ height=”300″][/youtube]

prince faster lunedi 27  giugno.


okkervill river – white shadow wall

joan as a police woman – chemmie

primus – southbound pachiderm

likke li – get some

bob marley – could you be love – live

soundgarden – fell on black days – live 2009

prodigy – firestarter – live

polkadot cadaver – come and eat it too

dream theater – metropolis pt.1 (live con orchestra)

circadian eyes – who we were

uneXpect – unferd pendulum

passenger – the girl runing

hiromi uehara – voice

robben ford – raining in my heart

joe bonamassa – the last matador of bayonne

neil young – let you fingers do the walkin

c.s.n.y. – carry on

c.s.n.y. – teach your children

the cure – a forset

eddie vedder – longing to belong

tan frio el verano – nunavut

sigur ros – olsen olsen

andreas vollenveider – conchiglia

[youtube width=”400″ height=”300″][/youtube]

prince faster giovedi 23  giugno.


mike patto v/s x ecutioners – get up punk

outlandish – crash e burn

saxon shore – teh revolution will be streaming

killing joke – fresh fever from the skkies

counter world experience – metronomic

pearl jam – black

tan frio el verano – nunatuv

genesis – can utility and the coast lines

tonton macoute – don’t make me cry

caravan – nothing at all

gong – shadows of

linda ronstad – desperado

eagles desperado

michel petrucciani – take tha a train

the baby huey – a change is going to come

marcus miller – power to soul

grails – origining

santana – samba pa ti live

gari potter quartet – minor swing

django reinhardt – minor swing

django reinhardt – daphne

charlie christian – grand slam

[youtube width=”400″ height=”300″][/youtube]

prince faster mercoledi 22 giugno.


planet x – the thinking stone

varis – flink

when the saint go machine – pick up your tears and run

gang gang dance – adult goth

who made who – all that i am

cocorosie – miracle

antony e the johnsons – everglade

kamchatka – confessions

maybeshallwill – critical distance

black country communion – the battle for hadrian’s wall

larry carlton live – thigt squeeze

steve vai – alla bout eve

jeff lorber – pixel

james brown – woman

elvis presley – fever

omar rodriguez lopez – the power of myth

radiohead – paranoid android

muse – undislocated desires

dei delle zone infette – come tu mi vuoi

herbart – ostia lido

vandemars – my cage

afterhours – non è per sempre

[youtube width=”400″ height=”300″][/youtube]

prince faster martedi 21 giugno.


f.sinatra – that’s life

diablo swing orchestra – vodka inferno

calexico – across the wire

eskmo – we got more

amplifier – the emperor

sh’mantra – sunburst on the cayman trench

decembrerist – rox in the box

serart – narina

prince – purple rain

marvin gaye – god is love

u2 twilight

black country communion – little secrets

b.springsteen – thunder road

avenged sevenfold – victim

Mancano un po di scalette e me ne scuso ma il tempo è barbaro e non aiuta 🙂

prince faster lunedi 20 giugno. 18-00-21.00

chingon – cascabel

sepultura – ratamahtta

puya – solo

cardiacs – is this the life

depeche mode – never let me down again

cure – in between days

ultravox – hiroshima mon amour

new radicals – you get what you give

black country communion – little secret

joe bonamassa – prisoner

dave matthews band – all along the watchtower

Jimi Hendrix – all along the watchtower

pearl jam – just breathe

fleet foxes – grown ocean

sh’ mantra – sunburst on the cayman trench

somniferum – eljiah’s book

allman brothers band – jessica

lynyrd skynyrd – simple man

led zeppelin – fools in the rain

tears for fears – sowing the seeds of love

[youtube width=”400″ height=”300″][/youtube]

prince faster martedi 14 giugno.


tan frio el verano – mu

bersarin quartet – endlich am ziel

narsilion – desperta ferro

danger mouse – black

pfm – celebration

dalton – dimensione lavoro

campo di marte – il tempo

panna fredda – un uomo

biglietto per l’inferno – una strana regina

delirium – la mia pazzia

ivano fossati – jangada

albero motore – cristoforo colombo

raccomandata ricevuta di ritorno – su una rupe

orme – collage

area – luglio agosto settembre nero

banco del mutuo soccorso – traccia

locanda delle fate – forse le lucciole non si amano più

osanna – l’uomo

new trolls – una notte sul monte calvo

banco del mutuo soccorso – cento mani e cento occhi

prince faster lunedi 13 giugno.


pigeon john – the bomb

other lives – for 12

matt e kim – block after block

scum – amber hands

children of bodom – was it worth it

black lips – family tree

big talk – getaways

cloud control – there is nothing in the water

korn – the past

low – especially me

eddie vedder – satellite

fleet foxes – bedouin dress

chingon – cascabel

girl in a coma – yo oigo

outlandish – crash n burn

beasty boys – don’t play no game that i can’t  win

crippled black phoenix – of a lifetime

joe bonamassa – prisoner

bill callahan – drover

pink floyd – us and them

pink floyd – any color you like

pink floyd – braind damage

pink floyd – eclipse

prince faster giovedi 10 giugno.


Qui tutte le richieste!!

La canzone perfetta.

a cura degli ascoltatori di radio rock

massive attack – teardrop

tim buckley – song to the sirens

lou reed – perfect day

radiohead – paranoid android

tool – parabola

max romeo – chase the devil

betles – here come s the sun

overkill – bring me the night

rush – la villa strangiato

who – love reign on me


david  sylvian – orpheus

led zeppelin – starway to heaven

david bowie – space oddity

king crimspon – starless

bob marley – redemption song

u2 – tomorrow

genesis – get em but by friday

pink floyd – confortably numb

prince faster mercoledi 8 giugno.


chingon cascabel

pzychobithc – maschinerie

faderhead – dirty grrls

depeche mode – a question of time

cure – one hundred years live

covenant -bullet

omar rodriguez – the power of mith – gravedigger

bill callahan – drover

korn – olidale

puppenhaus – sabanone

dewolff – the pistols

bloomfield – kooper stills – season of the switch

bobby womack – across the street

bruce springsteen – born to run

steps ahed – oops

prince faster martedi7  giugno.


chingon cascabel

chingon – cuka rocka

talking black sunday – bike scene

korn – get up

god is an astronauts – world is collision

at the drive in – one armed scissor




leprous – he will kill again

aquila – how many more time

kacius – destination

d.m. band – all along the watchtower

green day – 21 century breakdown

david gilmour – confortably numb

pearl jam – world wide suicide

prince faster lunedi 6 giugno.


sara noxx – she

the qemists – life line

pride and fall – construct

amplifier – the emperor

35007 – 22 25

outlandish – the emperor new beat

smiths – well i wonder

archive – whore

korn – get up

michael harris – nitrouse oxide strut

whomadewho – every minute alone




beatles – she loves you

bill haley – rock around the clock

elvis presley – that’s all right

the shadows – apache

myddy waters – hoocie coocie man

troggs – wild thing


mike stern – no notice

john mc laughlin – the voice

s.r. vaughan – cold shot

j. brown – it’s a man’s man’s world

[youtube width=”400″ height=”300″][/youtube]

prince faster giovedi 2 giugno.


sigur ros  – olsen olsen

supertramp – crime of the century

placebo – would’t be good

amplifier – the sick rose

stefano lenci – blu

kalafina – tetoteometome

30 seconds to mars – kings and queen

velvet undeerground – femme fatale

grails – origin ing

a.franklin – night life

johnny cash – the man comes around

james brown – woman

james brown – king heroin

ben e. king – stand by me williams – days of pearly spencer

connie francis – where the boys are

gene petney – town without pity

marella galanter – les cornichons

john mayall paul butterfly – all my life

georgie fame – bonnie e clyde

yardbirds e s.b.williamson – hours too long

joe jackson – a slow song

david gilmour d.crosby g. nash – on an island live

larry carlton – tight squeeze

dizzie gillespie – straight no chaser laughlin – discovery

[youtube width=”400″ height=”300″][/youtube]

prince faster

mercoledi 1 giugno.


orchestra italiana – come mammeta t’ha fatto

merciless – one of these nigger

muse – hysteria

sirenia – the darkness

michael harris – prof grunkesplast’ math assignament

dream theater – stream of consciousness

led zeppelin – over the hills and far away


david lee roth – two fools a minute

ben harper – jah work

robben ford – raining in my heart

santana – black magic woman/oye como va

elton john – don’t let the sun goes down on me

mark almond – what makes a man a man

pearl jam just breathe

genesis – can utility and the coastliners


  1. forse la scaletta di ieri 2 giugno la devi ancora caricare, cercavo il nome del pezzo originale del VOLTO DELLA VITA DI CATERINA CASELLI

  2. E io invece cerco il nome del pezzo trasmesso venerdì 3 giugno più o meno dalle 19:50 alle 20:00, era dal vivo, quasi tutto strumentale, con alcune parti in cantato femminile, qualcosa fra il progressive ed il jazz, chi mi può aiutare?

  3. Mi sono perso il nome del gruppo e del pezzo trasmesso come ultimo brano della trasmissione di venerdi 24!

  4. Insomma, sto rincorrendoti per scoprire di chi e’ il pezzo di drum’n bass col violino… E ora scopro…: apocrifo-violin… Non e” troppo poco? Il mistero si infittisce….

  5. era il pezzo di chiusura, mandato dopo i saluti…scusa ma giravo per casa e non ascoltavo con attenzione e sono dovuto uscire a metà pezzo…

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