Playlist di Aprile 2011.


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anche questo mese è andato e anche questo mese riguardandomi le scalette mi sento bene.

buona musica a tutti.

Prince Faster- Radio Rock.

Giovedi 28 aprile. 18.15-21.00

david lee roth – two fools a minute

led zeppelin custard pie

garsed gambale lane – love struck

the clash – hateful

the clash – clampdown

colosseum valentine suite

tina turner – whola lotta love

den za den – vodopad

stone the crows – fool on a hill

the troggs –

small faces – sha la la la la

buffalo springfield – red woman

animals – painted black

otis redding – day tripper

bog brothers a.t.holding company – all is loneliness

deep purple – help

nilsson – every body talking

aretha franklin – good to me as i am to you

beatles – something

j-lennon – mind game

rolling stones – fool to cry

joe cocker – she came in throgh the bathrom window

rolling stones – sister morphine

allman brothers band – trouble no more

aretha franklin – people get ready

animals – ring on fire

uzeb – loose

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Prince Faster- Radio Rock.

Martedì 26 aprile. 18.15-20.00

Michael Harris – prof. grunkespurt’s math assignament

alex carpani band – templars drream

robben ford – the darkness

le maschere di clara – porpora

dewolff – the pistols

den za den – fatamorgana

l’effet défée – onhisséssorp

pearl jam – just breath live

bill callahan – drover

santana – eternal caravan

gilmore crosby nash – on an island

white lies – strangers

larry carlton – mellow out


subsonica – benzina

en plane air – frammenti di una vittoria

verdena – razzi arpia inferno e fiamme

verdena – le scarpe volanti

cristina donà – giapponese

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Prince Faster- Radio Rock.

Lunedi 25 aprile. 18.15-21.00

steps ahead – cajun

jeff lorber – pixel

MPV garsed-lane-gambale – love struck

larry carlton – point it up

medesky scofield martin e wood – tootie ma is a big fine thing

oregon – beads

weather report – black market

jing chi – whats goes around

casiopea – black joke

pat metheny – last train home

j.m. laughlin – recovery

marcus miller – moonlight sonata

mike stern – after you

pastorius big band – cha cha

alex carpani band – the dance of the secret Elves

a helmet of gnats – misfit toys

zawinul syndicate – patriots

joe bonamassa – heartbreaker

gilmure + bowie – confortably numb

g. moore – the sky is crying

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N.B. la scaletta di giovedi 19 la trovi scaricandoti l’intera puntata della trasmissione.

Prince Faster- Radio Rock.

mercoledì 20 aprile. 18.15-21.00

brown – king heroin

pete wingfield – 18 with a bullet

cold cave – icons of summers

mirawais – disco science

elefant 9 – skink

tool – forty six e 2

bill callahan droer

l’effet defee – al don end if

the head and the heart – ghosts

the black heart procession – devotion

jonsi – around us

blackfield oxygen

eddie vedder – longing to belong

joan as a police woman – the magic

mc donald e giles – the reflection

tu fawning – diamond in the forest

pearl jam – yellow ledbetter

lynyrd skynyrd – simple man

pink floyd – brian damage

led zeppelin – going to california

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Prince Faster- Radio Rock.

Martedi 19 aprile. 18.15-19.55

who – love reign on me

fates warning – valley of the dolls

primus – john the fisherman

nirvana – lithium

holderlin – traum

devil driver – dead to rights

smiths – i want the one i can’t have

god is an astronauts – age of fifth sun

rush – tom sawyer live

tool – pushit

mr. bungle – carousel

ore 20.00 – Radio Rock LIVE Set.

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Prince Faster- Radio Rock.

lunedi 18 aprile. 18.15-21.00

tv on the radio – second song

uriah heep – i’m ready

cavalera consiracy – warlord

nebelnest – stimpy ben

soad – toxicity

leprous – he will  kill again

joe jackson – one more time

35007 – 23 32

inouwee – you

bjork – army of me

apoptygma berzerk – love never dies

joan osbourne- st. teresa

echo e the bunnymen – killing moon

white lies – turn the bells

joe bonamassa – tennessee plates

van morrison – the way young lovers do

miroslav vitous – faith run

buddy rich – so what

david bowie – changes

depeche mode – stranelove

mad season long gone day

grace slick – manhole

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Prince Faster- Radio Rock.

giovedi 14 aprile. 18.15-21.00

cabaret voltaire – nag nag nag

enomine – enomine

fratellis – chesea dagger

pearl jam – daughter

smiths – the boy with the thorn in his side

smashing pumpkins – ava adore

living end – tainted love

funeral for a friend –  from road seats to the end of the world

machine head – messsage in a bottle

oasis – don’t look back in anger

junius – from the isle the blessed

tortoise – gamera

rumskib – think eyes away

cocteau twins – i wear your ring

tape – dust and light

royal republic – president’s daughter

devil driver – dead to rights

tetraegon – listen here

genesis – the cinema show

balthazar – fifteen floors

stone the crow – blind man

morse code – la marche des hommes

jethro tull – thick as a brick

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Prince Faster- Radio Rock.

mercoledi 13 aprile. 18.15-21.00

wildpalms – delight in temptations

wintersleeps – trace decay

X – los angeles

beans – air is free

jah batta – style and fashion

jimmy cliff – many rivers to cross

tears for fears – everybody wants to rule the world

asobi seksu – trails

b52 – rock lobster

cavalera consiracy – blunt force trauma

protest the hero – c’est la vie

metallica sad bat true

megadeth – sweating bullets

ozric tentacles – eternal wheel

alfheimr – a song for time e forgiveness

Charlie Parker – au private

wes montgomery – caravan

dizzie gillespie – dizzy’s business


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Prince Faster- Radio Rock.

mercoledi 7 aprile. 18.15-21.00

the doors – roadhouse blues

gryphon – second spam

brainticket – black sand

a. holdsworth – letters to marquee

metallica – battery

king crimson – 21 st century schizoid man

radiohead – sail to the moon

counting crows – mr jones


tina turner – whola lotta love

king crimson – discipline

gong – shadows on

joe bonamassa – heartbeacker

eddie vedder – longing to belong

lykke li – get some


pearl jam – jellow ledbetter

yellow jackets – dewey

j.m. laughlin – take the coltrane


matching mole – god song

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Prince Faster- Radio Rock.

mercoledi 6 aprile. 18.15-20.30

placebo – wouldn’t it be good

jeniferever – silesia

joe bonamassa – slow train

centaurus – ensnaring serpent

stone the crows – blind man

s.r.vaughan – on the run

bloomfield kooper stills – stop

east of eden – norther emisphere

the pineapple thief – different world

king crimson – lark’s tongue in aspics  pt III

pink floyd – hey you

likke li – get some

epic 45 – the village is a sleep

archive – collapse collide

tristeza – sand e coral

miroslav vitous – faith run

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Prince Faster- Radio Rock.

martedi 5 aprile. 18.15-20.00

chingon – malaguena salerosa

bono sinatra – under my skin

nine horses – serotonin

devendra banhart – little jellow spider

eddie vedder – longin to belong

yockies suryoprayogo – cindarella

the tea club – cool smack

brainticket – place of light

maserati – syncronicity IV

pearl jam – alive

alfheimr – songs for laughter e forgotten

the dodos – good

grails – silk rd

pj harvey – let england shake

i like trains – when we wheere kings

tape – companion

the police – the bed’s to big without you

the clash – armagideon time live

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Prince Faster- Radio Rock.

Lunedi 4 aprile 18.00-21.00.

husker du – chartered trip

jesus and mary chain – just like honey

funeral for a friend – old hymns

t – i save the world

disarmonia mundi – perdition haze

blackfield – tzigota

skyeroes – searchin’

mountain – theme from imaginary western

grails – origin-ing

agnes obel – close watch

architecture in helsinky – contact high

yann tirsen – dust lane

caroline – i’ll leave my heart behind

resistor – spaceghetti

talk talk – such a shame live

protest the hero – c’est la vie

james blake – limit to your love

led zeppelin – the rain song

verdena – loniterp

areamag – la discarica

palcoscenico al neon – autocontrollo

verderame – l’ultima recita

en plen air – sul confine


  1. ciao prince sono valter,volevo sapere per favore il titolo del gruppo inglese che hai mandato venerdi 7 marzo verso le 19.00 .sono rimasto colpito dalla putezza del suono e dalla musica quasi mistica del gruppo.ti ringrazio tanto e ti prego di continuare su questa strada poichè a fere la radio come la fai tu e tutta radio rock,siete rimasti in pochi.ciao e grazie ancora

  2. ciao prince sono roberto, ti seguo da molti anni, si può dire che sono cresciuto con te.
    dopo questi complimenti vengo al sodo il giorno 11 aprile hai messo un brano di ignoto gruppo che iniziava con un ronzio di mosche, l’ho cercato nella tua playlist , ma non sono riuscito ha trovarlo. gentilmente puoi dirmi nome del gruppo e titolo del brano? ciao roberto e …. una pietra che rotola non raccoglie mai sugo. bye bye roberto

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