Playlist di Aprile


Playlist di martedi 30 aprile 2013 Rca 88.9 fm

And One – Goodbye Germany
Moby – Creep
The Pretenders – Creep
Yuji Ohno – Theme from Lupin III
The Marley Brothers – One Love
Talisman – Free speech
UB40 – Madam Medusa
Zero 7 – Home
Butterfly Explosion – Sophia
Cardiacs – Is this the life
Lapalux ft. Astrid Williamson – Dance
Duologue – Gift horse
Coast jumper – Four youth
Great Heat – Who’s the dude
Tokimonsta ft. Andreya Triana – Green
Kazayak – Pieces of my map
Lulu Rouge – Melankoli
Azoora – A thousand ways
The Wu-Tang Clan & Kool G Rap – Rivers of Blood
Mable John – Your Good Thing
The Police – Roxanne
Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
Santana – Spring manifestations


Playlist del 29 aprile 2013 Progressivamente

PTF: Fair Wind
Nucleus: Sng for the Bearded Lady
Primus: My Friends Fat
Mostly Autumn: The Gap Is Too Wide
Kimg Crimson: Starless
High Five: Dubai
Frank Zappa: Montana
Ligro: Stravinsky
Octopus: Off Limits
Gentle Giant: Knots
Roger Waters: Amused to Death
Amplifier: The Wheel


Playlist del 23 aprile 2013 Rca 88.9 fm Prince Faster e Annarella

Richie Heavens – Freedom
Joe Cocker – With a little help from my friends
Gary Potter Quartet – Minor swing
John McLaughlin – The voice
Deftones – My own Summer (Shove it)
Fail Emotions – Speed of light
Baroness – Aleph
The Wu-Tang Clan & Kool G Rap – Rivers of Blood
Laura Mvula – Green garden
Lady – Karma
No clear mind – Dream is destiny
Zhong Chi-Rain
James Blake – Digital Lion
Jimi Hendrix – Inside out
Roy Ayers – The ringer
Duologue – Gift horse
Pops – Un uomo molto rispettabile
Telstars – Tu sei lontana
Bad boys – Balliamo il jerk
Caterina Caselli – Sono bugiarda
Patrizia – Capelli lunghi idee corte
Cactus – Ci seveglieremo morti
I Chiodi – Il mondo così non va

Playlist del 22 aprile 2013 progressivamente

Traffic: Glad
Collapse Under The Empire: Distance
The Chameleons: Second Skin
About Tess: Brain Drive-Impulse
Genesis: The Lamia
Elastick Rock Band: Point of View
Gong: Isle of Everywhere
No Sound: The Anger Song
Genesis: Cuckoo Cocoonhiromi trio project – margarita!
bacamarte – mirante das estrelas
alamaailman vasarat – tujuhuju
marcus miller – cee-tee-ete

Palylist del 17 aprile 2013 Popolare Roma Rock Am 103.3 fm

—-Solo Stile Italiano —-

Kingcrow – the drowning line

albedo – cuore

i quattro satelliti – adesso basta

claudio lolli – la canzone dell’amore e della precarietà

afterhours – voglio una pelle splendida live

juri camisasca – himalaya

le case del futuro – come volevi vivere

roberto ferri – alla piazza deserta

scisma – tungsteno

stanley rubik – abuso

il parto delle nuvole pesanti – che aria tira

emilio mazzone e i favolosi – la tua carica

paoli vanoni – che cosa c’è

edoardo bennato – cantautore

musetta – nicotine

le maschere di clara – collezione di sabbia

perigeo – abbiamo tutti un blues da piangere


PLAYLIST 16 aprile 2013

Soulfly – Puta o plumo
Michael Harris – Seizure salad
Moonspell – Alpha noir
Peter Gabriel – Solsbury hill
Porcupine tree – Time flies
Some velvet morning – Beautiful dress
Ghostaface killah mop – Blackout
Wutang clan – River of blood
Linda Ronstadt – Desperado
Eagles – Desperado live
Mountain – Theme from an imaginary western
David Byrne e St. Vincent – Who
Christy Moore – The raggle taggle gipsies
Clannad – An Gabhar Ban
Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra – Changing times
Cosmonauts day – Rift
Damian Marley feat. Jack Johnson & Paula FUga – Welcome to Jamrock
Eddie Vedder, Jack Johnson & Zach Gill – I shall be released
Louis Armstrong – What a wonderful world
Sam Cooke – Wonderful world
Rolling Stones – Angie
Janis Joplin – Cry baby
Garnet Mimms & The Enchanters – Cry Baby
The Beatles – A day in the life
Santana – Oye como va


Playlist del 15 aprile 2013  Progressivmente Popolare Roma 103.3 fm

tool – no quarter

angra – the temple of hate

egg – wring out the ground loosely now

bernd steidl – la campanella

pure reason revolution – the bright ambassador of morning

oscar prudente – i vetri della scuola

return to forever – medieval overture

the crane e fabian project – tune in tokyo

niacin – prelude e funky opus

transatlantic – on the prowl

enochian theory – movement

quella vecchia locanda – prologo

albero motore – strumentale


Playlist del 12 aprile 2013 Rca 88.9 fm

M – Pop music
Soft Cell – Sex Dwarf
QUOTSA – My god is the sun
The Clash – I fought the low
System of a Down – Arial
Joanna Newsom – The North Star Grassman and the Ravens
Sendy Denny – The North Star Grassman and the Ravens
Led Zeppelin – The Battle of evermore
Chameleons – Tears
Ghostface Killah Mop Pharoahe Monch – Black out
James Blake – Life round here
Midge Ure -Breathe
Mable john – Your Good Thing
Black Angels – Don’t play with guns
RQTN – Passenger
Experiment Haywire – New World Order Show
Kylesa – Hollow Severer
Jaco Pastorius – (used to be) a Cha Cha
Rachelle Ferrell – Don’t waste your time
Shining – How your story ends
Tryo – Printemps Arabe
Chingon – Malaguena Salerosa
Yesayer – Wait for the summer
Roy Montgomery – Kafka was correct
Porcupine Tree – Russia on Ice
Touch and go – Straight to number one

Playlist  del 11 aprile 2013 popolare roma/rockam 103.3 fm prince faster

neoismo – sequences

corinne bailey rae – chains

quasimode – soul cookin

zechs marquise – everlasting beacon of light

pond – sorry i was under the sky

soror dolorosa – silversquare

stranglers – something better change

buke and gase – general dome

damned – new rose

rqnt – passenger

ben sidran – relaxin at camarillo


Playlist  del 10 aprile 2013 popolare roma/rockam 103.3 fm prince faster

wu tang clan – river of blood

sud sound ystem – solo se tu vuoi

radici nel cemento – la cucina casareccia

elio e le storie tese – mio cugino

litfiba – ballata

osanna – preludio

sula ventrebianco – run up

il cielo di bagdad – a day of wool

il parto delle nuvole pesanti – che aria tira

bennato – venderò

shootin’ stars – mirrors

cccp – mi ami

castel fusion – kwaheri

lalli – stella

ribelli – pugni chiusi

Playlist del 5 aprile 2013 Rca 88.9 fm

Kylesa – Hollow Severer
Alcest – Autre Temps
Experiment Haywire – New World order show
Liar – Benzoloveras
Peau – Enola Gay
Saltillo -Proxy
The Holy Guile – Frap Frap


Playlist del 4 aprile 2013 Rock Am – popolare roma 103.3 fm

oomph – gott ist ein popstar

mission – stay with me

mars volta – lapochka

the police – hole in my life

fugees – no woman no cry

bob marley – war

lynyrd skynyrd – simple man

wovenhand – swedish purse

b. bacharach – raindrops keep fallin’ on my head

atmos for peace – default

galliano – waltz for nicky

Playlist del 3 aprile 2013 Rock Am – popolare roma 103.3 fm

rapsodia – bomba

subsonica – tutti i miei sbagli

franco battiato  – alexanderplatz

paolo rossi & enzo jannacci – ho visto un re live

belladonna – all is vanity

ustmamò – canto nel vuoto

le maschere di clara – collezione di sabbia

spiritual front – slave

diaframma – tre volte lacrime

arpioni – una carezza in un pugno

matteo bortone – half way

ilaria graziano e francesco forni – la strada

eugenio finardi – musica ribelle


Playlist del 2 aprile 2013 Rca 88.9 fm

Tomahawk – Waratorium
Pomegranate Tiger – Maxims
Fiona Apple – Daredevil
Joe Bonamassa . Dustbowl
Lights & Motion – Victory Rose
Now that we’re older – Doyn
Coldplay – In my place.
Janek Gwidzala – Darkness
Funeral Suits – Colour fade
K Sera – Hollow ground of London
My Bloody Valentine – New You
Frank Zappa – Muffin Man
Placebo – Battle for the sun
Sound City OST – From can to can’t
Tool – Six & 2
Chris Cornell – Imagine