Playlist di Maggio 2011


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prince faster radio rock

martedi 31 maggio 2011 – 18.00-20.00

whomadewho – there is an answer

maurice william – stay

kamchatka -mnemosyne waltz

the shadows – apache

karcius – destination

yardbirds – for your love

killing  joke – freesh fever from the skies

the ivy league – funny how love can be

michael harris – nitrouse oxide strut

otis redding – i can’t turn you to loose

flogging molly – don’t shot ‘em down

byrds – mr tamburine

the kills – dna

jethro tull – a song for jeffrey

black stone cherry – blame it on the boom boom

blues brothers – jailhouse rock

experimen haywire – blacklist

procol harum – a salty dog

james blacke – the wilhelm scream

fleettwood mac – closing my eyes

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prince faster radio rock

giovedi 26 maggio  maggio 2011/ h 18-10-21.00

dave matthews band – gravedigger live

gov’t mule – time to confess

okkervill river – wake and be fine

nichole alben – baby now

james brown – get on the good foot train

aswad – back to africa

steel pulse – leggo beast

c.eastwood & g. saint – stop that train

nas e damian marley – tribal war

joe jackson – a slow song

mission – stay with me

talking heads – life during wartime

u2 – surrender

babylon zoo – spaceman

grossstadtgefluster – ich muss gar nix

pzychobitch – maschinerie

code 64 – rebirth

korn – another brick in the wall

nine horses – money for all

james blacke – limit to your love

bill callahan – drover

linda ronstad – desperado

eagles – doolin dalton

pink floyd – us and them –a fine disco.

david crosby – music is love

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prince faster radio rock

mercoledi 25 maggio  maggio 11 h 18-10-21.00

casiopea black jane

alex carpani band – the dance of the sacred elvis

michael harris – left is right

jeff lorbert – pixel

kamchatka – squirm

whomadewho – every minute alone

counter world experience – metronomicon

king crimson – 21 th century schizoid man

yes – starship trooper

pink floyd – time

genesis – the fountain of salmacis

gentle giant – giant

van der graaf generator – killer

banco – garofano rosso

danger mouse – roman blues

mogwai – san pedro

pearl jam – i am mine

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prince faster radio rock

martedi 24 maggio  maggio 11 h 18-10-20.00

genesis – can utility and the coastliners

stone the crowes – blind man

kamchatka – no

hellfire society – once upon a time

35007 – 22 – 25

haslip, ford. colaiuta – crazy house

beasty boys – don’t play the game i can’t win

michael harris – rocket surgery

anita tijoux -1977

talk talk – such a shame

rachael yamagata – sunday afternoon

antony e bjork – fletta

stephane pompugnac – eurodans

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prince faster radio rock

lunedi 23  maggio 11 h 18-10-21-00

experiment haywire – mean enough hot enough

kamchatka – mixer emotions

tv on the radio – will do

whomadewho -all that i am

pink floyd – wish you where here

pink floyd – one of these days

pink floyd – the nile song

passenger – golden threat

grails – origining

bill callahan – riding for the feeling

genesis – horizon’s

genesis – get em out by friday

genesis – can utility and the coastliners

jethro tull – thick as a brick

larry carlton, s. lukather – don’t give it up

gambale, garsed, lane – hey tree bone

roy harper – one man rock e roll band laughlin – discovery

jeff lorber – pixel

allman brothers band – in memory of elizabeth reed

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prince faster radio rock

giovedi 19  maggio 2011 h 18-10-21-00

dewolff – evil adn the midnight sun

foo fighetrs – miss the misery

the kills – heart is beating sun

ratatat – grape joice city

beasty boys – don’t play no game that i can’t  win

bob marley – lively up yourself

35007 – 23 32

dirty pretty things – bang bang you are dead

the killers – when you where young

larry carlton – thight squeeze

kontakte – the ocean between you and me

casiopea – black joke

steps ahead – cajun

king crimson – easy money

khromozomes – confortable

portishead – western eyes

fauxiliage –  draw my life

melanie – brand new key

bill callahan – drover

al green – tet’s stay together

bill withers – ain’t no sunshine

yann tirsen – palestine

musetta – catch 22

diaframma – fiore non sentirti sola

verdena – è solo lunedi

marlene kuntz – l’artista


prince faster radio rock

mercoledi 18  maggio 2011 h 18-20 – 21.00

cake – moustache man

rob zombie – spook show baby

ratatat – alps

efterklang – i was playing drum

outlandish – the emperors new beat

beasty boys – don’t play no game that i can’t  win

patrice – nobody else’s

gang gang dance – thru and thru

depeche mode – useless

pzychobitch – maschinerie

and one military – fashion show

jukka linkola – edistyksen juhlaa

killing joke – ghost of landbroke grove

van morrison – moondance

grails – silk ro

robben ford – raining my heart

stone the crows – blind man

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prince faster radio rock

martedi 17  maggio 2011 h 18-20 – 20.30

foo fighters – bridge burning

pearl jam – yellow ledbetter

the severly departed – in the coming day

eksi ekso – kills of the flood tide

pzychobitch – maschinerie

ayria – another long shot

turmion katilot – paha musta veri

beasty boys – don’t play no name that i can’t win

the jolly boys – blue monday

outlandish – the emperor’s new deal

simple minds – don’t you live

lost boy – the wait part 1 e 2

the wilderness of manitoba – orono park

pavor steler – hurt

gang gang dance – thru and thru

delay trees – light pollution

patrice – nobody else’s

cathrine ringer – l’adelè

ozric tentacles – yum yum tree

karcius – tunnel

den za den – svadba

freschi – il camionista

luminal – signore e signori

finest black – finest black

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prince faster radio rock

mercoledì 11 maggio 2011 h 18-20 21.00

litfiba – dimmi il nome (terremotoooooo)

rob zombie – dragula

funeral for a friend – welcome home armageddon

children of bodom – ugly

cavalera conspiracy – warlord

white lies – is love

pj. harvey – let england shake

talk talk – myrrhman

wire – please take

dewolff – seashell – woman

front page – d.b.d

bob marley – redemption song

joe strummer – redemption song

den za den – svadba

robben ford – blue e lonesome

joe bonamassa – prisoner

mountain – theme from an imaginary western

david gilmore –  crosby nash – on an island

christie moore – the raggle taggle gipsies

clannad – an gabber ban

feliciati, powell, furian – guapparia

rosanna napoli – movimenti lenti

bruno marinucci – lo ammetto

prince faster radio rock

martedi 10 maggio 2011 h 18-20 – 20.00

g. thorogood – bad to the bone

cardiacs – is is the life

d.l.rooth – two fools a minute

van halen – ain’t talkin about love

van halen – you’re really got me

aerosmith – can’t stop messin

dio malmsteen – dream on

kynyrd skynyrd – simple man

metallica – don’t trend on me

korn – blind

c.s.n.y. – wooden ships


in the cage

led zeppelin – since i’ve been loving you

ten years after – help me

di meola, de lucia mc laughlin – fantasia suite

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prince faster radio rock

lunedi 9 maggio 2011 h 18-20 21.00

weezer – memories

the kills – satellite

fleet foxes – helplessness blues

rem – everybody hurts

van morrison – astral weeks

talk talk – it’s my life

tristeza – sand e coral

dewolff – evil and the midnight sun

uriah heep – i’m ready

leporus – phantom pain

mike patton – il cielo in una stanza

grails – soft temple

larry carlton – tight squeeze

aretha franklin – night life

aretha franklin – respect

gary moore – trouble at home

bill callahan – drover

ucroniutopia – il vino dell’assassino

malpratico – infinite stagioni

rosanna napoli – la chiave

roberta gambarini – from the moment on

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prince faster radio rock

giovedi 5 maggio 2011 h 18-20 21.00

Clash – chepskates

Clash – london calling live

iggy pop – lust for life

primus – southbound pachiderm

dream theater – instrumedley live

police – can’t stand losing you live

u2 – out of control live

acdc – highway to hell

metallica – whiplash live

d. bowie – ziggy sturdast live

muse – supermassive black hole live

unkle  – reign

santana – every step of the way

joe jackson – fools in love

bill callhan – drover

kate havnevik – i don’t know you

alfheimr – song for laughter e forgotten

caroline – ill leave meheart behind

oregon – margueritte

steps haed – trains

j. mc laughlin – special b

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prince faster radio rock

martedi 3 maggio 2011 h 18-20 21.00

experimental haywire – blacklist (vigilante rmx)

likke li – youth knows no pain

u.n.k.l.e. + nick cave – money and rain

maserati – bye m’friend goodbye

meat puppets – hour of the idiot

malachai – how you write

ratatat – bilar

jukka linkola – edistyksen juhlaa

efterklang – modern druft

FRANK ZAPPA – would you go all the way

FRANK ZAPPA – eat the  questions

led zeppelin – for nowhere

yellowjackets – dewey

joni mitchell – the dry cleaner from des moines

weather report – nubian sundance

joe bonamassa – a slow train

pearl jam – got some

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prince faster radio rock

lunedi 2 maggio 2011 h 18-21

barrio jazz gang – jumpclub

cold cave – icons of summer

!!! – the must certain shure

funeral for a friend – spinning over the island

cavalera conspiracy – genghis khan

devil driver- dead to rights

infected mushroom

architecture in helsinky – contact high

dewolff – evil andf the midnight sun

l’effet defee – el domn ed èef

genesis – in the rapids

pink floyd – a pillow of wind

eagles – dodlin dalton- desperado

santana – samba pa ti

casiopea – back joke

barry white – can’t get enough….

blood sweet and tears – sometimes in wionter

timmy thomas – why can’t be live together

larry carlton – paint it up

rolling stones- angie


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