La macchina del tempo anno 2000 podcast

Thom Yorke canta Spectre

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Time Machine The Sound of 2000 by Princefaster on Mixcloud



99 Posse – Sfumature
Motorhead – We are Motorhead
Air – Virgin Suicide
Porcupine Tree – Russian on Ice
A Perfect Circle – Judith
Godspeed your Black Empereor – Storm
Deftones – Digital Bath
Coldplay – Spies
Explosion in the Sky – A song for our fathers
Disturbed – Voices
Limp Bizkit – take a look around
Placebo – Special K
Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel – Sentimento
Radiohead – Tha National Anthem
Oasis – Don’t let it out
Pj Harvey – Big Exit
Doves – Firesuite
Eels – Flyswatter
Goldfrapp – Lovely head
Rage Against the Machine – Pistol Grip Pump
Bill Callhan – The hard Road
Yo La Tengo – Let’s save Tony Orlando’s House
Pantera – Revolution is my name