King Crimson 3 concerti del 1974 in download

King Crimson

Questa mattina (30/01/2017) sul sito ufficiale i King Crimson hanno pubblicato tre concerti in download, ovviamente a pagamento.

I tre live fanno parte del colossale cofanetto “The Road to Red ” uscito nel 2013 contenente 24 tra CD, DVD e 2 x Blu-ray; all’interno troviamo anche “RED” in versione remaster da Steven Wilson e Robert Fripp

I tre live dei King Crimson

(sinora mai pubblicati in formato liquido) sono:

El Paso 8th June 1974 – “an astonishing improv within Easy Money in which band sound like they are brawling with each other in the final moments of the climb-out.”

01 Larks Tongues In Aspic Pt II*
02 Lament
03 Improv I
04 Exiles
05 Easy Money
06 Fracture
07 RF Announcement
08 Starless Pt I*
09 Starless Pt II*

Denver, 16th June 1974 – “With ZZ Top opening the show and Golden Earring headlining, King Crimson’s rocker-on-steroids, The Great Deceiver quickly establishes that this isn’t quite your regular rock ‘n’ roll.”

01 The Great Deceiver
02 Lament
03 Exiles
04 Easy Money
05 Starless
06 The Talking Drum*

Grand Rapids, 23rd June 1974 – “A little after 7.00 p.m. that night Fripp informed Wetton and Bruford that he wanted to knock the band on the head…It’s strong stuff being served here by Crimson.”

Larks Tongues In Aspic Pt II*
02 Lament
03 Improv I
04 Exiles
05 Easy Money*
06 Improv II
07 The Great Deceiver
08 Fracture
09 Starless